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Dadora Vanilla

Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit - 8oz.

Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit - 8oz.

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Our Commitment to Excellence: At Dadora, we don’t just source the finest vanilla beans—we grow them. Each bean starts its journey in our family-owned farms in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, where we have full control over the cultivation, harvesting, and curing processes. This close connection to our product from start to finish ensures that when you choose Dadora Vanilla, you’re choosing a commitment to unparalleled quality and sustainability.

Embark on a flavorful journey with Dadora Vanilla’s Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit. This isn’t just a kit; it’s your passport to culinary excellence. With a selection of alcohol, you’re minutes away from starting a batch of your own rich, homemade vanilla extract that will mature and flourish in taste.

Here’s how to unleash the essence of Ecuador in your kitchen:

Step One - Prep Your Pods: Our kit comes with 10 extract-grade vanilla beans, ready to be split lengthwise then chopped into smaller pieces for enhanced infusion.
Step Two - Submerge and Soak: Place the bean pieces in the included artisanal swing-top bottle and drown them in 8 oz of your spirit of choice—vodka, rum, bourbon, or brandy.
Step Three - Shake to Awaken: A couple of shakes per week will coax the beans, encouraging them to release their flavor into the alcohol.
Step Four - Await the Alchemy: True vanilla excellence takes time. Within 6 to 12 months, the beans will transform your alcohol into a pure vanilla extract. Assess its readiness by adding a splash to whipped cream, adjusting the potency to your preference. The longer it brews, the more complex it becomes—just like a fine wine.

Savor the Infinite: Stored away from sunlight at a cozy room temperature, your vanilla extract will last indefinitely, its flavor deepening over time.

Our carefully curated kit, complete with Ecuadorian vanilla beans that carry the essence of tropical breezes and Andean sun, is your gateway to gourmet creations. For more inspiration, be sure to visit our blog for recipes that will make your new extract the star of the show.

Experience the enchantment of Dadora Vanilla—where every drop tells a story of flavor and adventure. Don’t just cook—create legacy with every bottle.
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Customer Reviews

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Unbelievable. I put it together with Stolichnaya coming up on almost 2 years ago and just recently checked up on it. You wouldn't believe how incredibly rich it has become. It truly has become an epic extract with amazing consistency to it. Blown away! It's hard for any store bought extract to hold a candle to this, it's not even a fair comparison even when comparing to well known brands found on the shelf at the grocery store.

Jeanne Thompson
Greatest extract!

This is best and most flavorful extract that I have ever had. No imitation here. So easy to make. This kit makes the best gifts.