Vanilla-Infused Beverages: From Lattes to Cocktails, Explore How Vanilla Can Enhance a Variety of Drinks

Vanilla-Infused Beverages: From Lattes to Cocktails, Explore How Vanilla Can Enhance a Variety of Drinks

Mixologists and baristas around the world are adding vanilla into their drinks, turning simple creations into seriously delicious concoctions. If you’re looking for a tasty flavor to add to your favorite beverage, you’ve met your match with this warm, indulgent flavor. Vanilla’s rich and creamy essence can be easily incorporated into beverages of all kinds, from cozy fall lattes to sophisticated cocktails.

The Ever-Versatile Vanilla

Because of its complex profile with hints of sweetness, warmth, and even the occasional floral note, vanilla is one of the most versatile flavors on the planet. You’ll find that vanilla can be added to nearly any dessert, dish, or drink and takes it up a notch. Below, we share some of our personal favorites when it comes to vanilla-enhanced beverages.

1. Vanilla Latte

    The vanilla latte is a cult classic that combines the robustness of espresso with the gentle sweetness of vanilla. To make this, you’ll add a shot of espresso to a serving of steamed milk and a touch of vanilla syrup. Be sure not to overdo it, otherwise you risk offsetting the balance of the flavors. As an added bonus, you can enjoy this year round as it’s delicious both iced and hot.

    2. Vanilla Chai Tea

      Chai tea is known for its aromatic spices, and adding a touch of vanilla takes it to a whole ‘nother level. The spicy notes of chai blend beautifully with the creaminess of vanilla, creating a comforting beverage that's perfect for those chilly days. Top it off with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon to make it even more of a treat.

      3. Vanilla Smoothie

        Vanilla can transform your morning smoothie into a dessert, without the guilt. Simply blend together vanilla yogurt, a single banana, a splash of oat milk, and a half teaspoon of our very own vanilla powder for a refreshing post-workout drink. Feel free to add your own spin on this recipe as well - berries tend to pair perfectly with vanilla.

        4. Vanilla Cold Brew

          Cold brew coffee enthusiasts, get excited. Adding vanilla to your cold brew elevates your morning coffee experience. Mix cold brew concentrate with a vanilla-infused simple syrup and a splash of cream for a refreshing, slightly sweet coffee.

          5. Vanilla Old Fashioned

            Vanilla isn't just limited to daytime beverages either - it's also a knock-out addition to the world of cocktails. Whip up a Vanilla Old Fashioned to truly impress your friends. This is a simple enough cocktail where vanilla syrup enhances the natural flavors of the bourbon. To make it, pour in a serving of your favorite bourbon and add a dash of bitters and a teaspoon of vanilla syrup. Top it off with a Luxardo cherry, and you have yourself a seriously delicious drink.


            We’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite vanilla-infused beverage? Share your top picks and any special recipes in the comments below – let’s spread the joy of vanilla together!

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